Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Love Mattress

How many times have you found yourself with the candles warmly lit, Al Green on rotation and snuggling up with that someone special in bed, only to find an important limb or two fallen asleep under the weight of your partner? We love cuddling up, but the muscles, blood vessels and nerves in our arms often pay a painful price for a few minutes in heavenly embrace. Cue in Mehdi Mojtabavi's Love Mattress, a 2007 red dot award design concept winner.

The Love Mattress allows for easy access and comfortable embracing, except the Love Mattress has a series of gaps to allow to comfortably rest inside. Made of modules of polyurethane injected foam, the mattress is easily transportable and should provide ample body support (though we wonder if like memory foam, this would get too hot).

We'll leave all the other possibilities and options to your imagination.

via apartmenttheraphy

1 comment:

david said...

What a cool idea for a mattress! although I would need to find a girlfriend first. Still a really cool idea.