Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nagi Noda

Nagi Noda, a Japanese music video director, tv commercial director, designer and art director. a pop artist, designer basically her works are extremely surreal, which means it's realleee fun~ check out her site for more wacky and bizzare works... such as the horror cafe~~~ and more vids for viewing as well~~~

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turf One

Turf , a parisian artist, started off as a street artist moves on to comics and canvas and now he paints on found objects and somtimes on buildings... very surreal works~~~

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cute photo booth peekture

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Richard Sweenee - Paper Sculptor

Richard Sweeney , a paper sculptor from england. using paper to cut and fold and turning them into 3-d forms...

funny signs n ad~

funny signs and ads found on wooster collective

When christmas trees are sold out~

great idea for those who can't afford a tree or mayb juz for a lil twist of creativeness...
i think we should try to put all the green books on top and brown for the branch~~~

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Go Around Twice If You're Happy

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Open Air

OPEN AIR from knox on Vimeo.

A video on street art~

via - wooster collective

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vintage ID badges

a collection of realleee old ID badges... they're in metal and havee peektures, photo ~~~
kewl vintage badges~

via core77

the plumen project: kewl energy saving bulbs~

As with other HULGER products, The PLUMEN low energy light bulb prototype is a reaction to the lack of real diversity, imagination and personality offered by the market today

HULGER explored the possibilities allowed by the tubular material. The twist design references and subverts the ubiquitous Radiator. The freeform example elongates the PLUMEN's configuration, adding a chaotic tangle into the slender shape, a format well suited for a corner light. Flattening the tube creates another exciting set of possibilities, the example here presented as the ribbon idea , an arrangement of two flattened tubes, one folding inside the other. Ball is constructed with haphazard loops like a ball of wool, wrapped around a glass core.

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the 101 post

wee... i've juz realized that the previous post was my 100th posts.... so.... happy 100th posts to my blog~~~ hahahahahahha...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

When architecture goes wrong!!!

for more of these hillarious mistakes, pls visit -

Alex Woolley's Water, Water!

Water, Water!
A campaign aimed to encourage those travelling on the London Underground to carry bottled water with them during the summer months, in which records temperatures exceeding 47°C are expected. The full-page Metro print utilises the existing behaviour of those on the London Underground who fan themselves with the newspaper.


the italic poster

this poster is jus so cool! not only the words are italic... even the poster... no wunder it's called the italic poster!

david bowie mugshot

why does david bowie always looks so handsome...? pretty...? well juz why does he always looks good? even in a mugshot? he looks like a wax figurine, a doll... not like a real person... well... he's juz so kewl... and he happens to look good as well....

found on... well where else....? via ffffound

Friday, November 23, 2007

glue glue design~

The 'respect' project consists in a walking stick that prints the tag respect, thanks to a stamp fixed on its lower tip.
We interpret the main theme of “old” examinating the concept of respect: it is a moral concept, an ethical code which very distant generations stick to.We believe in the value of respect and we believe that it could come back into fashion. We are living in a “contemporary” society that paradoxically lives more and more on revival. We think that, thanks to the connection with the concept of respect the old men can ransom his social condition from without purpose and obsolete to “cool” and “in”: how? Using a “young” and “contemporary” language, and shifting to the present the field of action of an old man, whose thoughts are mostly memories that come from the past and are not able to mark the contemporary culture anymore.

ministry of fear
planet pepsi
My wonderful place - Larry Flint

glueglue design is from italy, they hav a lotta interesting works which includes installation, products, graphic and space design as well. for more glue glue design visit -

Zelda Beauchampet

Identity Matters is about creating an identity of one's own.Handling and manipulation will change the teddy bear.Every layer of fabric has a symbolic meaning, exposing the various identities of the material. Life will shape teddy's personality and character . that's just one of the many projects by Zelda Beauchampet. for more of Zlda's work, visit -

Thursday, November 22, 2007

recreating movement - documentation

Recreating Movement is a computer program for analysing film sequences and has been developed within a diploma thesis.

With the help of various filters and settings Recreating Movement makes it possible to extract single frames of any given film sequence and arranges them behind each other in a three-dimensional space. This creates a tube-like set of frames that "freezes" a particular time span in a film. By using the keyboard the viewer can browse through the sequence of frames, chose any kind of view of the sequence of frames and influence the displayed frames directly via a displayable menu bar.

for more info -

~~~it juz makes me think of michel gondry