Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Spirit

Adapted from the legendary comic book series created by Will Eisner, "The Spirit" is a classic action-adventure-romance written for the screen and directed by genre-twister Frank Miller.

Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind - a film by michael gondey with black jack in it... seems to b funny yet meaningful~

Noah and the Whale - Shape Of My Heart

nice song, funny video. there's a hero and a few villians... and they fight and they fight slow motionly... well just watch it

'glazed paradise' by mark jenkins and miho kinomura at diesel denim gallery

the diesel denim gallery in aoyoma, tokyo is currently showing an exhibition of work by mark jenkins and miho kinomura. ‘glazed paradise’ will be on show until august 15th , featuring an installation which aims to create ‘a frozen hyperreality’. mark jenkins is an american installation artist known for his tape sculptures installed in urban and other public spaces. miho kinomura is a filmmaker who will be producing a film about jenkin’s process.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

a Toast by Murat Kurnaz

Murat Kurnaz's Toast-Artwork in Berlin.

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Bioteknika - Wurst(Sausage) for the World

In order to say it with TITANIC: "we use only 12% of the sausage offers!" Shawn Bailey and Jennifer Willet aka. Bioteknica work on it this to change. Because the material for their art ia particularly with the butcher. Bioteknica produces meat sculptures and bioArt - and works on the interface of art, activism and sausage science.

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'walking bike' by max knight

max knight is a uk designer who was recently commissioned to create a very special bike. the result is 'the walking bike', a bicycle made from a normal frame and wheels made from 8 different pairs of shoes. the project was for intersection magazine, a local car magazine. each wheel features a set of metal bars which each hold one shoe. the wheels managed to be hooked up to the chain drive, actually making the bike move.

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Manufacturing techniques: doing with ice what cannot be done with plastic

In some of Manhattan's better Japanese-staffed bars, like Tribeca's underground B-Flat, ice cubes are noticeably absent; ordering your scotch on the rocks gets you a large ice sphere. With less surface area than the same amount of ice rendered in cubes, a globe of ice will melt more slowly, keeping your drink cold without making it watery.

As an industrial designer, your correspondent couldn't help but notice the parting line on B-Flat's ice spheres; after all, it has to come out of a mold. But now a company called Taisin has come up with a clever device for making a perfect ice sphere with no parting line.

How does it work? You sandwich a large chunk of ice in between the two metal pieces pictured above. As the ice slowly melts, gravity brings the top half to close over the bottom half, enclosing what ice remains in its spherical cavity. Because the ice is in the process of melting into its new shape as the top closes, there's no parting line. Clever!

Other shapes are available as well; what you see at the bottom right of the photo is an ice soccer ball. (Don't ask, it's Japan.)

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Zune Arts - SSSR

sweet cookie video~~~for love & love for cookies~~~

Dandy Warhols

TV theme song

I am a Scientist

Not if you were the Last Junkie on Earth

Create a Design for the Next Doc. Martens


In the true spirit of DIY, Dr Martens launched FREEDM, a campaign created to give opportunities to today's emerging talent. They've sponsored bands, exhibited artists, built performance studios, all as a 'thank you' to the individuals and subcultures who helped make their brand the icon it is today. They're at it again with an ID-style competition to design the next 8 or 14-hole boot. Time to break out your pencils and turn on some Nirvana!

This is your chance to show the world your talent. Choose your canvas: the 8-hole or the 14-hole boot. Use pens, use paint, use whatever. Use your imagination. We’ve provided some tools here. Or if you want, you can use your own. This time we’ll have two winners. One voted for by the people. The other chosen by a panel of industry insiders. You enter it. We’ll make them. You’ll see them in shops. Worldwide.

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Magic Pony will premiere OH NO! and OH OH! - a double art toy release and signing with Canadian artist Gary Taxali (HF featured artist, Vol.5) on Thursday, May 8, 2008. Inspired by the original art Oh No!, these figures are wonderful translations of Gary’s work into 3D form; each armless & surly version stands aggressively upright and in a helpless victim position. Gary Taxali will be in attendance and will also be showcasing a small body of his olde time era infused works in the Magic Pony gallery from May 8-11.

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Ron English in L.A.

Ron English and his west coast brethren the Billboard Liberation Front have subverted the advertising world with their billboard "improvements" for decades.

Hi-Fructose has received an exclusive first look at English's latest Popaganda-sized romp through Los Angeles. See MC Super Size confuse the crowds at the famous Chinese Theatre, John McCain receiving a brand new "corporate sponsor," and more here.

Ron English in L.A.: Greetings From the Occupation.

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Sebadoh - Licens to Confuse