Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wine bottle opener

very nice wine bottle opener

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

melanie pullen - high fashion crime scene

a collection of photography by melanie pullen - high fashion crime scene

a very ' crime sceneable ' site.. filled wif filing bllod typwriting!

singapore design festival 2007

The second Singapore Design Festival happening from 28 Nov to 8 Dec 2007 is a biennial event to celebrate and promote design as a propeller of the new economy. The Festival will feature prominent international and Singapore creative personalities, as well as offer Singapore as an important meeting place for designers, design thought leaders and design clients of the world to be inspired, to network, to seek collaborations and to get maximum exposure through an intense and extensive media and publicity programme.

--- well i've checked the site... there's loads and loads of events going around then... but this conference realleee grabbed my attention

--- utterrubbish - UseLess Conference

Featuring:Bruno Mouron & Pascal Rostain - Trash Erik Kessels, KesselsKramerFumiko Ikeda, gift_ & Hiromi Nishi, ASYL - Treasured Trash[re]designMads Hagstrøm, FLOWmarket
----------->Albert Lee, 2x4Jonathan HarrisPatrick Scallon, Maison Martin Margiela (1992—2007)Ryosuke Tei, Furi Furi - Toy Saves Children

students will have to pay $99 fer the 2-day conference

atelier van lieshout

the eroticism of the way this artist think and portray reminds me of the late h.r. giger

while the blow-ups reminds me of damien hirst

adicolor ads~ its a adicolorful world~

adicolor black

adicolor red

adicolor blue

adicolor green

adicolor pink

adicolor mr happy ~~~ so cute ~~~

Monday, October 29, 2007

mac donalds my ass~

my ass open 6 am... wonder wut does yass realleee means if not everybody gonna read it like that~~~

civic hybrid ed~

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

musician bling jewelley by complete technique

jewelleries for the musicians, the bling musicians... veli highlycrafted... and modern... definiteleee they got a design on ipod~

justin novak - classy with a twist

we always see porcelain pieces as classy and elegant works for the upper-class... these pieces by justin novak is twisted that the image it portrays is so totalleee against the image of the class~ pain and sadism is portray in a rather beautiful way - for more works visit -

milou peeters bling~

millou peeters bling bling jewellery - for more blings visit

flags of the world in the clients' eyes~

it's juz hillarious to see how the flags are interpreted by clients in the advertising world, thanks to clayborn creative consulting, we learn more about the world~~~ for more flags, visit -

the girl's side - diana - meg's edition~

jack is for guy's and meg's for gurls~ it's obvious~~~ juz like holga - guys name, diana - gurls name~ hehehehe

holga~~~ jack edition

holga is juz getting more and more colorful~~~ from plain black it's now available in multi-colored and multi-versions... juz like i-pod they collaborated wif famous bands and here we have holga - white stripe's jack edition... this is definiteleee 1 hell of a collection~
Package Includes:
- The White Stripes “JACK” edition Holga camera
- The White Stripes edition titanium Fisheye Adaptor lens
- Three plastic lens filters (one solid red, two colored soft-surround)
- Exclusive Peppermint lens filter
- Plastic filter mount
- The World Through a Plastic Lens softcover book
- “AA” batteries, opaque tape, and one roll of 120 film

Saturday, October 27, 2007


christophe coppens non-conventional fashion pieces... trickeee too~

sneaker pimps but not the band~

shoe sculpture by jethro hanes -

the many forms of mother mary~~

it's jus t cute how this artist transforms mother mary - by a french artist

roller coaster!!!

the best game in a theme park? roller coaster!!!!!!! the higher the better!!! the crazier the better!!! the more spins the better!!! the deeper drop the better!!! well.. the nex thing comes to the mind is definiteleee puke~ here's some of the peektures of some crazeee roller coasters try to imagine if you're in of em... feelin dizzeee now~?

designer's ABC

all babies, infants, nursery kids have to learn ABC... it's the basic of the english language as well as malay... without these alphabets we can't spell and form into words... and the usual one is always A for apple, B for boy, C for cat..................

for those designer's parent's to be.. this ABC chart will definiteleee get your children into the designers' world of yours... it's like a glimpse or an eye opener to the design world for children... u learn about the furniture and desginer's name as well~

these charts are also useful for all those who want's to get into the world of furniture design~

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

world drums festival~

2007, visit malaysia year. the government is suddenly so supportive to hosting all sorts events this year... there's the international tattooo convention (2nd time), international tattooo show, international fireworks competition, jazz fest(every year), international music festival and etc. etc. etc. and now... the world drum festival~

anyway, this is a 1 week event... happening in pd nex week... now i know why this year's recharge is in malacca instead of pd.. hhehehe... guess they need to promote different parts of malysia... but still they are always at the few spots which are almost the same for events like such... so y not go somwhere else up north? like penang? or down south? like johor? mayb to the east coast? the beaches there are marvellous mayb it cud b like the full moon party in koh pangan in thailand~ whu knows?!~

well, again.... malaysia is promoting its own country so the highlight of the event is the kompang competition, kompang is a traditional malay percussion instrument. it's kindda kewl tat they're are bringin in international acts so get to understand the traditional percussions of other countries.. tat's a cool fact...~ anyway ... for further information pls visit -

csi : the murder of a foot

it happened earleee in the morning... a rainy morning... raining since the night before....~~~

woke up and gosh... woke up late again... since it was raining... and its so phreaking cold... can't help it but to stay longer in bed... anyway... got up and i jumped straight into the bathroom to take my shower... ah.... it was so nice... so warm... and so i wasted another 15mintues in the shower as the water was to warm to let it go...~~~

well... i can't waste anymore time.. and so quickly i grab my towel, wipe myself up and walk back into my room and then.... ooooooooouuuuuccccccchhhhhhhh!!!!!!! damn it!!! damn it!!! it's freakin painful!!!! i took my foot up and was so shocked to seee my cherry earrings pierced into my fooot?!~ oh no... i haven't even got my clothes i can't juz run out of the room to get help~~~

so... i gotta pull the freakin earring out of my foot... i din even know tat i was bleeding till i look at the floor... and damn... it's dripping...~~~ my blood was everywhere~~~

qucikly.. i put on my clothes... and rush out the room to get some aid... looking at the time.. i'm definitely gonna b late... well.. i gotta run... wif one of my foot in pain... and still... i gotta drive a 30 minute journey... gosh it's definiteleee one hell of a way to start a day~~~

well... this incident.. wasn't so bad... i remember once where this whole bar of staple pins.. the one bar of metal pins u put into the staples? well... i actualleee got the whole bar in my foot... and wif all tat bleeding.. i still gotta.... walk like about 300-500 metres... to my piano teacher's house for my piano lesson... wut to do.. there was nobody at home~

sudden yoga lesson~~~

well... it's been raining and raining and raining these 2 days...
and i haven't been blogging for 2 days as well... anyway... this happened a day before, on monday... it;s almost 6pm.. it's time to go back home from work... but i'd receieved 2 calls from my dad... telling me not to go home as raining is pouring very heavily and many parts of the island is flooded and everywhere is filled wif cars and there's juz jam almost everywhere even on the hilly roads!~ so daddy asked me to stay back till the jam and the rain isn't tat heavy... in order to burn time till the weather is better, one of my collegues who had been sick and down the whole day suddenleee jumped up on her chair and suggested " let's go to queensbay mall" eveyryone in the office was surprised!~ we neva thought tat she still hav the energy to do so as she was realleee looking very ill the whole day...

anyway... another collegue invited me to join her to her yoga class... well.. i've juz been to the mall like 2 days ago... and yoga.. hmm... body aching... i realleee dunno how to decide... well decisions hav to be made and time needs to get burnt as well... so i've decieded to filp the coin.. tails to the mall while heads to yoga lesson~~ and so... well.. i'm not a good coin flipper.. i tossed the coin anyway... slowly it dropped back into my hands.... opening up my hands... and llok and my palm, its heads... so i gotta go for some body wrecking yoga lesson~~~

this is the first time i've eva been to yoga... to realleee do it seriousleee... anyway... i was a bit afraid... nervousness being in a new environment... but... i pulled it off anyway... one of the new posses the instructor is teachin the class was the cat pose... well my collegue reallee hates cat as she loves mickey mouse... the mouse can't b wif the cat u c... and juz as we were doing the pose... a cat pass by ehehhe.. hell.. she was damn pissed..~~~

then the instructor start to talk to me... she starts asking are you an active sportswoman? have u been an active sportswoman? have learned anythin that break bones before? well i haven't been a very active sports person... juz played basketball and skate leisurly... and then she asked... have you ever learned yoga before... well.. definiteleee not!~ if not i won't be there ehehhehe... well.. anyway... she juz said tat she wouldn't teach or go so far for a 1st timer but she thinks tat i can't bend and i can do all the stuffs she thought tat day so she kept teachin new stuffs... well.. i was pleased definitelee... but... my body aches like hell.. eventhough she thinks i won't feel pain if i can bend like tat...

anyway... i got home and.. whoa.. i was definiteleee drenched and luckily i don hav to drive in a traffic jam if not i'd definitelee bang into some car~~~ anyway.. it was a loveleee xperience at the yoga lesson... but i don't think tat i'm a gonna practice it consequently well.. not for now... mayb some time in the future... still not ready to b committed in the activity... i can't stay still... wut more once u laugh u can't concentrate and lose energy... i can onleee do tat when i realleee cut everythin off from me... worst off all.. my waist hurt... mayb i should measure if it realleee gets any trimmer!~ hehehe... then i reallee shud consider in concentratin and practice yoga... hehehhe...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fonts to the rescue~~~

for those who needs to look for new and also missing fonts and would wish to get it on the spot, doesn't have time to go out and get a font CD well u can get em for free... these are free downloadable fonts and the choices are wide as well... besides, they offer mac fonts too~~~ so if you're working on something and desperate in need of some fresh new type pls visit:

1001 fonts -

dafont - (available in english and french)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

pancake mania!~~~

my brother is back from Singapore, he comes back to penang once in a month in order to see the family and for his wife's baby check up. since he wasn't around last week for my birhtday, mummy asked him to treat me dinner to make up for his absence last week... anyway, we went to the mall in the afternoon after i got off from werk as my sister-in-law wanna get some baby clothes. when it was dinner time, we don't know where to have my so call make up dinner till we came across this 'paddington house of pancake'. mummy likes the pancake there and so do i.... but my brother had never tried the pancakes there. anyway, mummy persuaded him in buying us dinner there. when we sat down, flipped open the menu, gosh... there's too many choices... we were lost... later the manager came over and convince us to try their buffet of all the pancakes and drinks available.. she said tat all the food will be served half the portion of the usual serving so that we could get to taste all the different flavors!~ and so, 4 of us decided to take up the buffet, mummy was a bit reluctant at 1st as she was on a diet and she doesn't have a big appetite as well... anyway, the buffet begun!~ geez... we were ever so excited! we dunno where to choose form... after one pancake we ordered another one and then another one and then another one~~~ all the pancakes are so nicely decorated, i was so bz eatin tat i forgot to take my camera out and take some peektures of our enticing meal!~ when i realized tat, our appetite had almost reached the dessert part alreadeee... anyhow, the desserts were the ones that are much more well decorated~~~ tat was definiteleee one very very very full meal!~ but we enoyjed our food very much as they look appealing and it taste great!~ one of the dessert that i will definiteleee not forget is the one wif a vanilla ice-cream by the side and some strawberry and blueberry as deco. the main character of tat dish was definiteleee the pancake... it's actuallee a wrap... and inside, it's filled wif strawberry, banana, blueberry and somethin else i couldn't remember mixed in my favourite... cheese! cheese! cheese!!! geez that's like the best pancake dessert i'd eva eva eva had!!! yesterday night was definiteleee a happy night for 4 of us... too bad... daddy had a function he gotta attend and wasn;t able to join us... so, we left the place wif a long receipt of what we had...~~~