Friday, May 2, 2008

Create a Design for the Next Doc. Martens


In the true spirit of DIY, Dr Martens launched FREEDM, a campaign created to give opportunities to today's emerging talent. They've sponsored bands, exhibited artists, built performance studios, all as a 'thank you' to the individuals and subcultures who helped make their brand the icon it is today. They're at it again with an ID-style competition to design the next 8 or 14-hole boot. Time to break out your pencils and turn on some Nirvana!

This is your chance to show the world your talent. Choose your canvas: the 8-hole or the 14-hole boot. Use pens, use paint, use whatever. Use your imagination. We’ve provided some tools here. Or if you want, you can use your own. This time we’ll have two winners. One voted for by the people. The other chosen by a panel of industry insiders. You enter it. We’ll make them. You’ll see them in shops. Worldwide.

via core77, dmboot

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