Sunday, November 11, 2007

beatiful junk - how's it?!

well, i've finally got my lazy butt n my lazy brains and start driving around and went to the beautiful junk's wallpaper exhibtion with my fren whom i kidnapped from her own graduation show at kompleks masyarakat penyayang. first impression was, exhibition at alliance francaise... hmm... weird location but thinkin mayb they'd hav a reason for such a venue.

anyway i got there and yea... there are quiet a number of cars parked around the place. went in the place... and oh my god! y are all the people standing around somethin or sumone. and the place is freakin freakin small! i try to peep into the crowd, wundering wut was going on.. and... too bad.. i'm short... so i went around the place, well basicalleee id on't have to cause i can juz c the whole place right at the entrance. but since we're there n it's kindda weird if we don't walk around and try to look if there's anythin. so there were like 6 macs on display... the feeling was... is this a mac fair? are they trying to sell macs around here? well.. then i think.. oh no.. this is the wallpaper show, the computer desktop wallpaper show... so basicalleee u don't hav to b there to c the exhibition u can juz stay at home, get online, get naked and hav a bunch of junks around u... and view the wallpapers comfortably~

so it was definiteleee a big disappointment for my friend and me. then, i saw people comin down from upstairs... so i was thinking mayb there are more stuffs up there since there's nothin to look other than macs downstairs... so i asked a lady and ooops there's nothin up there... damn... anyway the people are starting to move away from the table... ahh... there he is, the illustrator from gilamon... and now i know wut's he doin.. he's demonstrating illustration...~

wif much disappointment, i head off to the exit/entrance... finallee i look... there's an itinenary on one of the tables outside. so i looked through it... oh well... there's some bands performing... now tat explains the instruments and set ups. and the hillarous thing is 'last call for design bazaar' oh my... the bazaar? sounds interesting.. but... it's onlee 2 tables at the entrance, one for beautiful junk and one for gilamon! tat's it! bazaar! bazaar!

anyway... i lost the itinerary if not i get to show u guys wut's actualleee goin on tat day.... i think this might b the worst exhibition i've been so far. it doesn't even look like or feel like an exhibition it's more like the opening of a showcase where people were there for the socializing work rather than the exhibits!


epo-pi said...

the socializing part was a bigger part of the exhibition, i think. much different from the previous ones, but man. two hours to set up with very little headaches. i think slowly theyve been experimenting with different set ups. but to me, the first one was the best. live bands amongst the cluster of artworks. music+exhibition. i think this is the first 'free' beautiful junk. and now, they should have the same slide show of wall papers in their website, that'd be rockish. maybe should have it a few days prior to the exhibition, so that people can fully view the exhibits b4 going to beautiful to talk to the artists and other peeps. encouraging abit more socializing on the subject.

jing said...

yea... agree tat the 1st one was so much betta~ and yes it shouldn't b jus for a day... but setting up in 2-hours shouldn't b a prob.. it is a very small space indeed... the headache part for setting up the place probably thinking bout how to place the macs! hehhehhe... anyway they do have all the works at their website... so basicalleee u juz gotta get online n view it at home... u don hav to b there to view the exhibits

epo-pi said...

next one, they should have the band playing infront of a towering huge mac. with all the wall papers. cycling at ever changing speed. at times, almost kaleidescopic. lo

the promotion wasnt good also. NEXT TIME THEN