Tuesday, November 20, 2007

cassette generator

~*from mix tape then the recorded one...*~ being born during the cassette ages... it's realleee fun to look at it again... and the nostalgia feelings... well... its juz coming back... and it feels good~~~ but the cassette age has alreadeee been long gone... much replaced by its counter-part the CD and then now digital~~~ still rememba those days where i wud pick up CDs or listen to the radio and produce my own mix tape... it's kindda fun juz to wait for tat song to come~ the fun of dubbing~~~ haha... well... if u din happen to hav tat xperience or... trying to bring tat feeling back... try visit this site... and make your own~~~ though there's no music... itz juz for graphical purposes only~ feed your eyes~~~ and the bez thing is there's a lotta choices of tapes~~~ i picked maxwell as it's the tape i used most when i was a kid~

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