Friday, November 23, 2007

glue glue design~

The 'respect' project consists in a walking stick that prints the tag respect, thanks to a stamp fixed on its lower tip.
We interpret the main theme of “old” examinating the concept of respect: it is a moral concept, an ethical code which very distant generations stick to.We believe in the value of respect and we believe that it could come back into fashion. We are living in a “contemporary” society that paradoxically lives more and more on revival. We think that, thanks to the connection with the concept of respect the old men can ransom his social condition from without purpose and obsolete to “cool” and “in”: how? Using a “young” and “contemporary” language, and shifting to the present the field of action of an old man, whose thoughts are mostly memories that come from the past and are not able to mark the contemporary culture anymore.

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glueglue design is from italy, they hav a lotta interesting works which includes installation, products, graphic and space design as well. for more glue glue design visit -

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