Sunday, December 23, 2007

Eelko Moorer

Boot with Veins - 1999

D.I.Y. - 1999

Balcony seat - 2005

Tube Shoes - 2005

Emergency Games: a manual for extreme physical experiences in the danger of your own home, 2005
A booklet in collaboration with Alice Wolff

Eelko Moorer constructs designs that are theatrically conceptual and exquisitely handmade, yet from which the commercial and mass-produced can be derived.
Known for subverting conventional expectations and behavioural patterns through a series of darkly suggestive and often zoomorphic objects, Moorer’s designs include a bearskin rug made of rubber 'fur', shoes with integral hooks for commuters to suspend themselves upside down from the handrails of overcrowded commuter carriages, like meat being transported to market, or a suicide bird perch which attaches to the outer railings of a balcony allowing the person to sit and contemplate their next movement. This interaction between performance and product allows Moorer to navigate the hauntingly fine line between comfort and discomfort – between heightened states of exhilaration and anxiety – through design.

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