Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello Kitty AR-15 Rifle

here's jus another product where the cute lil hello kitty will be on it! seems like hello kitty is tryin to start a propaganda? haha... its like u can c hello kitty in everythin... washing machines, rice cooker, toaster, hair dryer, stationeries, candy, milk... basicalleee almost everythin... n now... rifle?! it's so... hmm... insane!!!

--Well, in the "spirit" of the California Assault Weapon Ban I decided to do my best to alleviate the fears of my fellow citizens and gun-banning legislators when I put together a new AR-15 for my wife. Below is the result of my painstaking work to transform an Evil Black Rifle (EBR) into a Cute Pink RIfle (CPR). Introducing the Hello Kitty AR-15!
This rifle is 100% legal in California because it is based on an "off-list" lower receiver made by Stag Arms and has no evil features at all, instead featuring a fixed stock instead of the evil collapsible stock, a muzzle brake in place of the vile flash-hider, and a MonsterMan Grip instead of the heinous and malicious plastic pistol grip.--
excerpt fr rifle gear

via gizmodo, riflegear

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