Friday, December 7, 2007

Rubbish Drawings - Ian Stevenson

Rubbish DrawingsI walked the streets one day and as I looked around my mind started to change and an idea was created. From this day on I would see rubbish differently....You can take a horse to water but can you take to it into an exhibition? Well now you don't have to worry, just let it wander down the road and look at my Rubbish Drawings.I have been to the outside world with my pens and been on an adventure drawing on rubbish. I have many photos and will upload them as the project develops or hopefully you'll see them in the real world?I feel like the urban fox keeping its distance from others, you might see something crouching down by a bush but don't be scared it's only me. I am quite nice really and will not harm you but I may draw on your rubbish if that's ok.I've been through new and interesting experiences like when I was standing in a skip at 6am and someone walked by, oh well what can you do? Well I tried to crouch down but my head still stuck out of the top. I bet they thought I was some kind of freak, haa ah aha aha a haha ha aha ahah aha ha well in some ways I probably am and yes I will do it again. Hah hha ha haha aha ahah a ha.Please enjoy the drawings, sometimes they last a few weeks and others only last a few hours. Let's hear it for the bin men, hip hip hooray, who suddenly become more efficient after I've drawn on something, how strange.It's great because you never know what's around the corner.....keep your eyes open....

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