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Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson came from opposing backgrounds.
Sebastian was trained as a classical musician playing the organ, piano and the violin among other instruments.
He even became involved in teaching them until his coming of age at 18 when he formed a band and began experimenting with the sounds in a more contemporary way. Marcus lived on a diet of Kraftwerk and the Front 242 until realising his true calling in the techno parties of the 90s. Through promoting parties he moved on to become one of the bigger DJs in Southern Sweden. It was in a party where they met and decided to combine Sebastian’s musician’s perspective and knowledge with Marcus´ DJ skills and experience from the scene. They got together in 1996 and after 10 years in the music business under successful guises such as Son Kite and Trimatic,
Marcus & Sebastian are now Minilogue - an animalistic music concept without the boundaries of genres.
They hail from Malmoe, a small town in the south of Sweden with a population of less than 1/4 million, an unlikely setting for such underground and innovative project. Through the years their music has expanded and moved through a variety of sounds appealing across the board of electronic music.

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