Wednesday, October 24, 2007

world drums festival~

2007, visit malaysia year. the government is suddenly so supportive to hosting all sorts events this year... there's the international tattooo convention (2nd time), international tattooo show, international fireworks competition, jazz fest(every year), international music festival and etc. etc. etc. and now... the world drum festival~

anyway, this is a 1 week event... happening in pd nex week... now i know why this year's recharge is in malacca instead of pd.. hhehehe... guess they need to promote different parts of malysia... but still they are always at the few spots which are almost the same for events like such... so y not go somwhere else up north? like penang? or down south? like johor? mayb to the east coast? the beaches there are marvellous mayb it cud b like the full moon party in koh pangan in thailand~ whu knows?!~

well, again.... malaysia is promoting its own country so the highlight of the event is the kompang competition, kompang is a traditional malay percussion instrument. it's kindda kewl tat they're are bringin in international acts so get to understand the traditional percussions of other countries.. tat's a cool fact...~ anyway ... for further information pls visit -

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