Thursday, October 18, 2007

ikea hacker...

talking bout furniture... the one brand that's loved by all the cheap furniture shoppers around the world is definitely... IKEA!!! the IKEA SALE!!! tat's quoted from the ikea annual sale radio commercial... mayb u can hear it in your mind now... anyway.. here's another furniture DIY site you'll find rather interesting... if IKEA's one of ur favourite wondow shopping site... well.. i guess u better start buying something cause u can get great ideas for the ready made u have in IKEA.. u can hack the furniture, the ornaments, the fabrics... anythin!!! and turn into some useful pieces around the house... sometimes problems are definitely need to be solved!

a kitchen towel holder then... a laptop holder now...

now.. the chair looks cooler!~ fer grandpa!!!easier for standing up!

the whole system for a small living space mix n match is one of IKEA's policy!~

here's a video for your ikea hacking pleasure!~

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