Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sound/music and visual

wut is the first thing that comes to your mind when you put music and visual together?
bet it's MTV or channel V right? music videos will beasicalleee be the visual and music thing.
then came the job VJ, as in Visual Jockey not Video Jockey. the job criteria...? create stimulating visuals fer d crowd especiallee during a gig, a music festival, the big screen in the middle of the crowd? that's the VJ's job to fill it up... and often VJ actualleee tag along with DJ if they're werking on some project. one of the example wud b groove armada.
now back to the main point... another one more thing sound and visual created is... instrument!~ yamaha had juz launch an instrument recently. with visuals, you can create music! how cool is tat! but it's only available in the UK fer d mean time... anyway... lemme present to you... ***tenori-on***

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Besides, here's another piece of art ( of sound and visual!~) Phono/Graph by Ed Davenport ( )

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