Wednesday, October 17, 2007


right now... i'm having quiet a long holiday... 4 months... skool won't start till january,08. so... i found a job...! i'm now werkin in a printing n design company in penang. my job? a dtp artist as well as a graphic designer! well.. i'm actuallee takin industrial design as my major. gotta werk fer a living!

anyway.. it's kindda fun.. as i get to learn new stuffs... and also learn about the industry here in penang. wut a big difference the industry in penang compare to the industry in kl. in the same country but way of earnings and volume of earnings is totalleee different!

anyway i jus received a project las week which is designing a logo for a company tat sells rack as their major product. no particular criteria and the period of finishin it.. short... so this is the final design. which will now be the logo of this company, improvex.

the 5 stripes are to resembles the racks and 5.. colors... tat is actualleee to represent the 5 major categories of products this company's selling...

kindda happeee tat it got approved so soon... ehehhehehe!~

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