Friday, October 19, 2007


origami has been an art form tat was created like years and ages ago.. juz like many other art forms it evolved. when we were kids we're always curious how did a piece of paper can b folded and form into a world of things like flowers, animals, boxes etc. etc. etc. till today i still find the most common origami, the crane or the bird difficult to fold... well i came across this site and i realize... whoa!! wut the hell?!~!@!#@! paper can actuallee be folded into so many things... i 1st look at the works of this origami folder, Jospeh Wu.. and i thought amazing! then i continue explorin his site till i found tat he hav collections of other origami folders... and gosh!!! their work is so crazy!!! itz juz getting more and more realistic!! i couldn't believe that it's just so cool!!! to view more of joseph wu and other origami artists visit

and here's juz some of the works you get to see...

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