Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chiang Mai...

My recent vacation... about 2 or 3 weeks ago... went to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thailand is reallee an extremely spiritual country there's jus gods and godesses every where!~ Even the 1st place that we visited when we 1st touch ground in Chiang Mai is a temple! well, ironically, u can basicallee find marijuana, poppy and the famous prostitutes easileee! Sex definitely sells and it also a tourist attraction. Massage as well... i guess...

anyway, here's some of the peektures i've taken on my trip... 1st stop the temple...

it wasn't a sunneee day as u can see in this peekture but its kindda kewl that the place is filled with mist~ it juz feels like i'm sumwhere else!~

the many forms of buddhas fer different tasks...

it's jus wonderful that they arrange the flowers, candles and joss-sticks so beautifully together

black pigeon, white pigeon and a dog... down the stairs of the temple

After the temple, we went higher into the hill... to the village of this tribe tat's famous for their opium addiction and tat's where its legal to have poppy and marijuana. they're actualleee from mainland China and had reside in the hills of Chiang Mai.

When we arrived at the top of the hill, we were 1st greeted by these children who are having a lil game of their own

all those bags with beaded elephants u find in any other tourist spots around thailand, its from here!

jus an old lady who loves to smile!~

these kids are having a game of beetle on a sugar cane!~

a craftman!~

told you there's godess juz about anywhere...!

they're realleee everywhere.. betta stop scratchin ur ass they can c u!~ ^_^

i think the sign is warnin the people about the wild animals or spirits i can't read thai n i wonder y d sign is there as the place is only filled wif the villagers and i bet they know wuts there and tourists can't read tat... hmmm... anyway the sign is cute!~

the fruit and flower... to cope with their opium addiction they gotta plant it themselves and the government are very sweet to make it legal juz for them!

opium is not jus the legal thing there... even marijuana!~

later that night we were juz hanging out, walkabout the night market outside the hotel we're stayin.. nothing much as the things that they sell are the same as batu ferringhi... but those are the stuffs that sells well to tourists... and they have a place where artists draw super realistic portrait of peoples... that realleee reminds me of central market KL. it's like tourists spot are juz the same over thailand and malaysia... what realleee caught my eye is actualleee 7-11, what other place to know the locals other than 7-11... by looking through the products we kindda find out wut's the things that's most widely used by the locals... and well.. definiteleee i'm impressed by their packaging... and well.. betta get some coca cola to fill up my rack! ^_^

so that's the end of day one.... day 2 will b coming up soon... 7-11 goodbye!~

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