Friday, October 19, 2007

vegan pizza!~

for the past 10 days, those who worshipped the 9th emperor god wouldn hav been a pure vegan. pure vegan means there's no milk, no eggs, and the cutleries, pots and pans, cups, plates, bowls, anythin that carries the food must not been used to prepare meat. so most of the worshippers will be eating out as the vegetarian stalls mushrooms on the pavement throughout the island. some believe that if u obey the 10 day pure vegan law, then you'll be able to walk on coal with your barefeet.. i don't know if that's true or not.. but it's part of my culture!~ not all the worshippers turned into pure vegan for 10 days some for the final three days while some only for the final... every year at the end of this festival or worshipping period there wud b a parade to send the 9th emperor god away... anyway... today's the final day and my colleagues worships the 9th emperor god so.. i joined them for a vegan lunch today... and to my surprise, there's vegetarian hawaiian pizza!!! how kewl is tat huh?!~ so without any hesitation, i placed my order.. it cost me RM10.. but it's kindda interesting to find out how it taste like.. so it jas tomato sauce as the base, then they have vegetarian tuna fish, then they have vegetarian ham, vegetarian chicken chunks and pineapple! a hawaiian pizza can't be so hawaiian without the pineapple!~ but the most challenging part in creating the pizza would be the cheese part a pizza can't b a pizza without it... and yet.. they're able to come out wif cheese even without milk?! so.. i was reallee curious by it... the vegan pizza definiteleee do smell nice... but the cheese doesn't smell as strong as the real one... but i'll try to look up for information about tat cheese.. cause i realleee wonder how they make cheese without milk.. i thought cheese is fermented milk!~ well i guess if there's no alcohol beer there can be cheese without milk... anyway here's the picture of the pizza and one of the temple's preparation for the parade tonight!~

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