Thursday, October 18, 2007

fedex furniture

as a student myself... especialleee industrial student... i'll always hav to crack my head for new ideas when workin on a project... like designin a piece of furniture.. well i came across this site and it realleee touched me... a student is always poor.. we gotta pay up the rent, the fees, the food, transportation, materials, printings etc. etc. etc. so it's kindda like we're always outta moneeee!!! anyway no money no goodies... so the place tat we rent are often left empty or rather minimal i'd say... cause we can't afford to get furniture!!! well... afraid no more!!! fedex is here to help us!!! they don't juz deliver our important documents, the boxes they use to pack the documnets or parcels are good to create pieces of furniture... so fear no more fellow students! our crib are gonna get fedex-funitured!~ anyway here's the link for more info bout fedex furniture...

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